A Saga of My Heart………


Now Be Silent

Delightful Soul of Passion

Make peace within the folds of your Heart

Let the One who creates

Speak Words of Affection

Smile hilariously till tears roll down

Your happiness is only yours

Love is whistling from dew-drops

Echoes of laughter like subtle bells

In his presence, let your heart sing

Sweet songs of blossoms beauty

Unfurling like daffodils in early springs

My Timid Heart, You were never lost

The Key was in your hands

All You had to do was turn it inside

Where the Beloved’s door was never locked

And listened to your Heart’s saga…………………




72 thoughts on “A Saga of My Heart………

    1. Thanks Jonathan and yes his door is never locked it is always open for us and you know He is so merciful that He waits for us and wants to give us so much love and love that there is nothing more but Love Him in return. Thanks so much for your wonderful words.

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  1. Here there are two locks.
    One the lock what we seem to think is locked of HIS and the other one is Our lock what we have locked for him not to enter. Both the keys are with us, probably lost by us. A Saga worth to know.

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    1. Thanks so much dear Sudershana and yes our love is so beautiful that it whistles like little dew drops from anywhere that is found early morning in this wonderful nature and it is where our heart sings its beauty. Loved your beautiful words Sudershana and feel so nice reading such lovely words. Thanks once again.


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