Sometimes people come into your life not to love you, but to make you feel that you are worth loving and living for. Cherish that person for life.

Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows. Once a heart is broken it takes a tender soul to come and slowly mend it with love and hope.

Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free. Once you are victorious there is no looking back. Life is on a roll.

Sometimes we just need someone to show us something we can’t see for ourselves, then we change forever. A little push in the right direction bears fruit of a new challenge in life, a great step forward in the right direction.

Sometimes to accomplish something you need team work, you will not always win alone. Team spirit is the need of the hour. A team who works together can achieve anything they want. 

Sometimes learn how to be with someone who can make you laugh when you don’t even feel like smiling. A good laughter or a hilarious joke from that person can cheer you up. A smiling face moves mountains and makes your day a joyful ride.

Sometimes you just need to disconnect from everyone else and enjoy our own company. Go for a long siesta, a holiday or freak out with whoever makes you happy and full of laughter till you drop dead.

Sometimes we need someone to simply be there, not to fix anything or do anything in particular but just to let us feel we are supported and wanted. A feeling of warmth and well-being is so good for our personality.

Its not what we have in our Life, but WHO we have in our Life that matters.  Sweetest of relations are like pillows, when you are tired you relax on them, sad you drop tears on them, angry you punch them and when happy you hug them and such caring and loving people are always there for you and they never leave you…………

72 thoughts on “Sometimes………….

  1. The people those make us feel that we are worth living they make us to love our life more and more. Our heart usually fails to accept the reality. The things which we are afraid to do are what we want to do and afraid of the failure. Perfect it’s who we have in life. A great post👌✌

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  2. It’s not what we have in our Life, but WHO we have in our Life that matters… and not necessarily these who has to always be around..

    the small bloggers family and the kind words of motivation and appreciation from them makes so much of difference..

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  3. Wow, wonderful blog format! How long have you ever been running a blog for?

    you make running a blog look easy. The entire glance of
    your site is magnificent, let alone the content!


  4. Sometimes it so happens that all these Sometimes are so important to know and only these Sometimes help to boost our vigor and Sometimes our moods and Sometimes our energy and Sometimes our Love for others and Sometimes the Love we receive Sometimes these thoughts come only Sometimes and not always so it is better to remember them Sometimes such posts I read repeatedly Sometimes as they are inspiration Sometimes so always it is better to smile and tell this to others Sometimes and they in return Sometimes give us a smile or Sometimes make us smile I could go on writing like this as it is Sometimes so interesting I have not used any punctuation marks deliberately as I want you all to read Sometimes like this and I never do this even Sometimes…………
    How is it Sometimes? Kamal!

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    1. Wow Shiva so loved each and every sometimes of yours and yes agree absolutely with what you wrote. Sometimes are like that and they are the moments where we can go on writing paragraphs or stories on sometimes. Have a great day.


      1. So you could catch the features of sometimes and it happens only sometimes you sometimes come and go to my Blog but not only sometimes you always bring happiness sometimes there is something for you to see but sometimes you do not come and sometimes I keep waiting for your arrival there is a post now on my blog which only sometimes you can see and read it is only sometimes sometimes sometimes..😀🙏

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  5. Discovering your blog little by little, your posts are so soothing! And the cactus are such a lovely strong green with pretty shapes. My cactus plant just flowered…. for the very first time since I planted it years ago 🙂

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