In Search of Himself……..

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He was a seeker

Who went in search of Himself

His own shadows kept on chasing him

Along the way he crumbled, fell like ashen leaves

Yet he picked himself up and carried on boldly

Sailing the wide oceanic waves of bliss

Woven with beautiful hearts and souls

Rejoicing in little gestures of love

Self-created roles often played

Be it richest of the rich or poorest of the poor

Lived and departed myriad times

Sometimes thrown as cast off iron

Or caressed and kept encased as a diamond

A voice was calling out to Him

Come I am searching you from eternities

Once He found that Voice, He was set free………….



58 thoughts on “In Search of Himself……..

  1. Kamal, you write so beautifully. The flow of your words just life the flow of life. A beautiful piece as always.

    If we accept the path of life and its lessons, the good and bad lessons. Then, i find myself and i find myself again and again as i walk through lifes stages. Well that is how i ferl.

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    1. Thanks so much Bella for your great πŸ‘ words and I am so happy u loved the poem. Yes and I agree with what you too said Bella. Each and everyone has to find his or her search and that voice is nothing but him when he understands that there is no one but him who he was searching for.

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  2. Hey Kamal, I already moved my blog from this old address to my new blog address:

    I transferred your WordPress subscription to my new blog, so you still get to see my posts on your WordPress feed, but I would love it so much if you could subscribe instead via EMAIL so that you get every post delivered in your mailbox.

    Also, I tried to see if there was a way I could follow your blog posts via email but didn’t see the box for that. Kindly let me know if there’s a way I can do that. I’ll be setting this old blog address to ‘private’ soon.

    Check out my new blog…and subscribe to that via email. Thanks.


    1. Wow so great and awesome, Shiva now you too must write few poems like this and am feeling so happy that there is someone sharing these sweet words of theirs with regard to the poem penned. Great, great and so true Finding a Guru who takes you and shows you who you really are and then just merge in Him. Thanks once again.

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