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Thoughts! what are you thinking

Constantly buzzing like a mosquito

Or keep on jumping like a monkey

Chewing our brains out from morn to dusk

You can make us, or break us

Leave us darling for the time being

Why don’t you go for a long drive?

Or go trekking up the mountains

Take a class on soothing meditation

It will surely quieten your mind

Certainly not, will you be invited for high tea

Or you will become so complacent

Contently snuggled under a warm rug

Do not feed on wheels of egoism

Let go and be your charming self

Be our friend and not our foe…………..


47 thoughts on “Thoughts…….

  1. We need to watch our sea of thoughts that churns inside us incessantly, as you rightly said, and one needs to shy away from their negative froth and cling to the positive breeze that flows over it… Loved it Kamal.

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      1. Yes dear you know sometimes since we are on google some other messages too are coming on some of my posts but then i am ignoring them. Ya but not lots so I then go and reply to them by first retrieving from my folder and then do the needful. What about you.

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  2. Love this…

    What a great way to talk about thoughts buzzing like a mosquito and jumpling like a monkey.

    On a side note . My reader doesnt seem to let me know when you have posted something so sorry i have missed reading all these wonderful posts.

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      1. I have accepted many books from the publishers and authors as well as signed up for buddy reads so I had to focus on reading and not have a lot of spare time to visit different blogs to comment. I’m not so good with freeing myself time apparently πŸ˜‚

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