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Similar to a Lion who is the King of the jungle, the people of the village always respect and revere the Village Headman who is like a Father to them. In one such village called KEYSHA in far off Bhutan, there lived KUPSA, the village Headman, fairly plump, warm brown eyes, short delicate auburn hair and wore an inviting grin. He allowed a free rein with his people, never once stopping anyone from doing what he or she pleased, though with clear-cut instructions that no one could take advantage of his being kind-hearted and this quality he inculcated with a calm exterior.  A spirit of warmth filled the subtle air and all strife’s were dissolved amicably. 

With the help of his people he organized different cultural festivals when other tribes turned up soaking in the happy atmosphere and loving every tiny square-inch of the sensational festival that created a sense of close-knit ties and encouraged trade and commerce with other villages. Marriages too were performed on a great scale and children too went to schools which were neat and clean. Children too were encouraged in arts and crafts.   Since he was the head of his village, the entire onus of responsibility fell on his shoulders and he worked to the minutest details of perfection.

It became like a ritual in the village, as every evening KUPSA would gather all his men around him and would be seen counselling a few and after all had settled around him, over a light cup of tea and biscuits, very gently in soft-tones and tender smiles address them: ‘I am very happy to see you all. Kindly do not hesitate to seek my help.  Challenges come in many ways but if we all work and support each other a kind of an understanding and trustworthiness develops.  Our essence lies in the smooth flow of operating on a platform of being unified’. Absolutely supportive like a mother hen who is over protective to her chicks, was KUPSA.

There was a complete sense of bonhomie in the village of KEYSHA that was cradled in the folds of the huge snow-clad mountains of Eastern Himalayas very close to Bhutan…………..


43 thoughts on “Village Headman……….

  1. It is so good to know that such traditions are followed even today. He is so respected not because he is their leader but he inherits the quality of a true leader genuinely.
    The work he has been able to do in such a adverse condition , s b urely is commendable.
    Lovely post Kamal.

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    1. Thanks so much Vishal for your beautiful feedback and yes if you go to see a person who leads his pack needs to understand his people and see what his people need and also that his village too makes progress. This is what our leaders too can do to make our country prosper. Thanks once again Vishal.

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    1. Thanks so much Madelyn and ya in words and notions that is the blog post of Akhila she has sent how to go and get rid of your spam. I too need to check every alternate day in my spam folder too and then I go on my site retrieve the message and then give them my feedback. I think if u go there u will be able to do it.

      Thanks so much for liking my post. Ya just a story that I devised and thought of writing. Have a great day.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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      2. Welcome Madelyn and if you could just go to the site of Akhila she has written there is a form where u have to write to WordPress and they will rectify your problem. If u have time then u can do so, just a suggestion dear. Have a great day.

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