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The more I found myself

The more people I lost

Who am I searching but myself?

Layer by layer, all I thought I had to be

Fell apart as gathered rolling stones

Where did I go wrong Oh! God

Was I not created from you?

 So merciful and benevolent you are

Then why was I thrown to the gallows

Was I so unworthy in your eyes?

I was left standing naked and vulnerable

Without identities, masks and labels

My Soul keeps on asking ‘Who Am I’

Open your gateless gate, arms outstretched

Hold me tight, lest I fall again  

Let your love envelop me like a cocoon

Take me home where I truly belong………….


105 thoughts on “Myself………

    1. Wow even I am feeling Wow after reading your beautiful words. Harsh where are you, missing you. Where is your story dear or you are busy. Thanks and even I found it very nice after I kept it on the blog. Harsh is there a different way where we can share our poems.

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  1. We need to hug ourselves. oh that was so beautiful , flowing waves the test of life, to be then held the arms of our loving father. The children said they wanted to go out an play So God our father let us. But then we played so much we forgot the way home and we forgot him.

    just a beautiful poem,smoothing to read , and calming to the heart.

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    1. Yes dear for sure we forgot him and got ourselves stuck up in alley ways and lanes when he is showing us the right path and telling us that I am always there walking with you, holding on to you but we have forgotten our father who is so loving and beloved. Thanks for your awesome words and giving such good feedback. Loved your words too. Have a great day friend.

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    1. Thanks so much for your great comments too and I am so happy that you loved my poem on Myself. You know a thought comes to me and then for a few days I will write down something then work on it and then the words simply flow. Thanks once again dear friend.

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    1. Hi dear can u believe I was just wondering where u had disappeared was missing you and your lovely comments and there what telepathy u right now came on the blog with your great words. Thanks so much for your great feedback. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


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