Smiles Are Infectious………

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Smiles, infectious little delights

Spreading joy, touching lives

Coming to your neighborhoods

Hearts aflutter bringing smiles

Scattering beams of radiance

Like sparkling bulbs aglow

A twinkling grin, a smiley face

Dimple cheeks, eyes that shine

Sowing seeds ofΒ happiness far and wide

Adding brightness to moments of dullness

In soft flames of warmth and friendliness

Catchy and contagious, jingle in its steps

Riding high in a horse drawn carriage

Fun and thrills sprinkled all the way…………….


44 thoughts on “Smiles Are Infectious………

    1. Thanks Harsh I changed those two lines cause I had written somewhere adding brightness so and a feeling of warmth and friendliness so put it ya now I too feel it has come out very nice and the pic too is so cute. Thanks so much dear for your great help. Give me a topic and I too will start using my brain and start writing.

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  1. First of all a huge sorry as I am late to read such beautiful poem as I was out for the Christmas celebration and reached home today only and it’s first that I read and I have also written my part and will publish tomorrow.
    Spreading joys, touching lives; its my favorite line. I loved it to the core not only the smile is infectious even your wonderful words are! Loved it, not only to say I meant it too! πŸŒΉπŸ’“πŸ’‹πŸ’“πŸ’‹

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    1. Thanks dear Sudershana, it is completely k dear and can understand that Christmas time is to enjoy and have a blast with friends and family. Its k I will read your beautiful lines too and we can convert it to another poem with another title and can work together also. Thanks for your wonderful words feel so smiley right now and happy. Have a great day. Love you.

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