Blank Pages………..

Image result for images of blank pages

Hey, pal what are you staring at!

I’m just a blank crystal clear paper

A silent observer like a wise old owl

Not a word pours forth from my lips

A caring friend to you my writer

You with your eloquent thoughts

Have penned voluminous books

Neatly stacked in libraries and archives

In your angry-rage can cut me to pieces

Throw me like unwanted waste in garbage bins

Poor me lying there for days on end

As a painter, I am splashed in vibrant colors

Oh! So elegant, strutting like a peacock

Or with your aesthetic imagination

Engraved are Majestic portraits, sketches, paintings

Winning accolades, awards and honor

Happy am I being at your service at all times……………


95 thoughts on “Blank Pages………..

  1. What to say?
    This is so so so Awesome!!!! You don’t know how much I am loving it, you penned it so amazingly….
    Would you mind if I say this is one of the best posts I’ve read from you?

    Liked by 7 people

      1. Was busy in plotting the whole story yesterday but I think I should write anyway, I can change what happens later… what I am posting is just a draft so I should take the story forward… 😊😊

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      2. Akhila Di is one of my favourite bloggers!!!!
        And trust me, I don’t judge people on the basis of what they write, but how they talk with their readers… and she is one of the best persons I’ve met here…
        There are so many sweet bloggers, it feels like a virtual family here…
        Like when I delay my posts, I really miss conversation with my friends here… 😊

        Liked by 2 people

      3. Yes same here I was feeling so sad not hearing from you, I told Akhila I like Harsh so much he is like my son and u write so beautifully too and yes she is one of the best writers. Even I was missing u and waiting for your story. Yes so nice to be in touch with all of you’ll we have become one big family.

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      4. That’s so sweet of you, I really talk to you freely without thinking if you will mind or not, but that’s because I feel a feeling of apnapan while talking with you all…
        It feels so good, so beautiful, so lovely being here… hahaha

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      5. Haha, the same happened to me when I wrote the first episode of blue Watery Eyes… haha
        I was like “the one who wrote this had done a wonderful job man, he is a great writer, I am a great writer, haha”
        I will wait for your next poem, all the best!!!

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  2. I didn’t see it so the last time I held a blank sheet..
    My blank sheet always wondering, what’s it in his mind he wants to place on me today…. And in our every mood (be it hate,love….) it’s always passed down to the blank sheet (which makes the blank sheet full with different emotions and feelings at different lines). Kamal thanks for sharing .

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