Every Moment Counts…………

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A Beautiful quote from the wise man, Chanakya who was the teacher of Chandragupta Maurya, has written so aptly on Every Moment Counts:

“A moment wasted cannot be bought with all the wealth and all of the world. Every moment has love in it, every moment has happiness in it, if you lose it, it becomes a memory and if you live it, it becomes Life. Every moment is priceless and precious”.

So live your life in the present and let every moment count in all its glory. Every moment is fresh as a new born baby radiating love and living a life of love, sacrifice and honesty. Not a single moment is to be wasted as the past and the future do not exist. They too are happening in the Eternal Now.

Do something nice everyday that makes you feel like a child again. The moment you start acting like life is a blessing, it will immediately start to feel like one.  There is always something to be Thankful for every moment, when you see the beauty of being alive under God’s Grace.

Can we all Live our wonderful Lives to the fullest and enjoy each and every minute and count our blessings………….



66 thoughts on “Every Moment Counts…………

  1. Well said… Our life is an era fully engaged with moments… Time is precious we can’t get it back even a second but we can garnish it… Life is once but we leads it as stressed… When we decorate it with joys then it will twirl as a life how we wish to live…
    Lovely post… Keep sharing!!

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      1. Yes I know on what ground you see beauty in each of us. But having that insight is not very common. Indeed it’s rare. You are humble and kind and will never accept that difference on spiritual level.

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