He Works in Mysterious Ways……..

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I read an incredible story that touched my Heart and there are no words that I could say.  ‘God works in mysterious and silent ways’ and through us all, he helps people who are needy and absolutely penniless. They don’t even get to eat one square meal a day. There was this man who was walking home from work and what he encountered one day is narrated in his words:

“On my way home, I found a piece of paper tied to an electric pole, with a small note on it. I was curious to know what was written, hence went closer and read it. On the note it was written: ‘I have lost Rs.50/- somewhere on the Road. If anyone of you will find it, please give it to me at this address which is written on this paper. My vision isn’t great so please help.’ I was urged to follow that address and found an old hut in shatters with an older woman sitting outside. She was very frail almost skin and bones and asked who is it? when she heard my footsteps at her door. I said in a quiet voice: ‘I came by this way, found Rs.50/- on the Road and wanted to hand it over to you.’

She began crying on hearing this and said: ‘My dear, I have had at least 30-40 people come over and give me Rs.50/- saying they found it on the road. I did not write that note, I cannot even see properly nor do I know how to read and write.’ I said: ‘It’s okay dear mother you keep it.’ She then asked me to tear the note off on my way back. I walked back with a million thoughts as to who could’ve written that note? I looked around for the person who had done this kind deed but could not find him. She would have asked everyone to tear that note but none did.

I mentally thanked that person whoever it could be and realized that we just have to feel the need to help someone who requires our help and there are so many different ways to do it. Someone just wanted to help this woman who lived alone with no one to support her. As I was leaving, someone stopped me and asked: “Bro, can you help me with this address? I found this Rs.50/- note and want to handover………..

Humanity and Kindness never dies and continues to stay alive permanently. This man and so many others who had helped this old woman, were a blessing in disguise. Life only comes around once, so why not help people who are in absolute need and bring a smile on their faces. Can we be kind and humane to people all around us.


82 thoughts on “He Works in Mysterious Ways……..

  1. Ahh! Fabulous story… You are truly right, God works in enigmatic ways :
    We have a think that Humanity – it’s just nil in the heart of present developed humans.
    But we are wrong, this story is a proof for that….
    Exactly, humanity and kindness never dies… Loved your post!!

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    1. Thanks so much dear Zeenat for giving such a heart warming feedback and yes so true though all this world is an illusion, humanity and kindness never dies that is the cruz of being humane. Feel so nice to get such wonderful feedback from bloggers. Have a nice day.

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  2. Wow! Such a beautiful story. God truly works in mysterious way. We ought to be an extension of God in every way we can. I will encourage us to be the hands, feets, eyes of God to people around us in kindness and help.
    God bless you for sharing this

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    1. Thanks so much feel so touched by your heart warming response and yes he always does work in mysterious ways and is at all times helping all of us as we r all his children and no one is left out. He wants us to help others who are in need with kindness and empathy. Thanks once again, friend.🙏🙏🙏🙏


    1. Thanks so much dear Meenakshi. I read these beautiful Gods words where people r so kind in giving help to needy souls and God is so benevolent to all of us, we r his children and he knows what to do with each and every one. Thanks once again for your lovely words. Have a great day and stay blessed always.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  3. Someone once told me that a true Christian will do a good deed anonymously, knowing that they will receive no thanks or recognition. That always made sense to me.
    I have since seen the same action by Jews, Muslims, and an atheist. We seem to have a pattern here.

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    1. Thanks so much Larry for your wonderful words and everything you said is so true but if I may be allowed to just say that in the eyes of the Lord we are all one and there is no one who is a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim or whoever. We are all one in his eyes and we are all human beings given a name and religion cause otherwise we would be lost but He is in each and everyone and there is only Oneness in Unity. Thanks again Larry. Have a nice day.


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