Life in a Village……….

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Village life has a charm of its own

Infusing an ambience of quietness

At the break of dawn all rise and shine

Farmers tending to their smallΒ farms

Shepherds with flock of goats, cows and sheep

Busily grazing away on the green grass

Petite bells resounding in the air

A pleasure to watch young lassies

Tiny tots in one hand, balancing clay pots

Spilling over with water on their heads

A sweet rhythm in their steps

Bullock-carts an only means of travel

Humble straw houses, artistic diyas, a cool touch

Tempting to the taste buds, bhakris and chutneys

Eaten with gusto, a delightful treat

Chit-chatting on charpoys under the starry nights

Feeling of harmony, a sense of togetherness

A touch of joy, time stands still

Far cry from the humdrum city life……………………


86 thoughts on “Life in a Village……….

      1. Yes.. i can relate to more than what you have said! Heave on earth!! I am from Thalassery a beautiful Place in the District of Kannur from Kerala.. Now Settled in Chennai πŸ™‚ And you Kamal ?


      2. Ya it must be Josh. I stay in Mumbai and born in this humdrum city life but sometime I go and visit Ahmednagar which is two hours from Pune and there life is simply like a village life so thought of penning this poetry. So happy for you Josh. I have heard a lot of Kerala and it must be a beautiful place.


      3. Oh thanks so much for your helping and will go to YouTube as you said and do so, the wordpress blog must actually check and do something about it cause there are so many, many bloggers so that is the reason this must be happening.


      4. Seriously.. Spam and WP is twins.. they have yet to fix it, TBH, i too don’t know, you know what i was a victim too, the comments went into spams, and Akhila was like where is my comment, then i checked them spam folder, they was all of those comments from my readers and i found it weird, they might have thought that i have been ignoring their feedback! so, guess we have to google or youtube it for the remedy πŸ™‚


      5. Ya you know Josh, the same thing happened with me and I asked her today that dear why am I not getting your comments then she told me that they all go in spam, she told me what to do go to my blog and then in the left side column in comments I will find spam comments but I have not found anything josh, so as you said I have to go to youtube and google and what do I type there.


  1. Village Life is so peaceful. You see, the Industrialists destroyed Villages to build Cities.
    Now people are tired and exhausted of fast city life.
    Tomorrow, Business men, will destroy Cities to build back the Villages.

    Nowadays the Builders advertise like this “Don’t let your son, miss seeing his first Turtle………..bla bla bla…………Book Your Home in Lodha Paradise”.
    Another – Girl waking up saying “I wake up to the sounds of birds singing”………You want the same, book your haven in “Heritate Gates”.

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    1. Yes for sure Cattie, this is what has happened to all our beautiful world and all these people have destroyed our environment and now they again want to go back to the village and that to create artificial meaningless lives. Thank you so much for your absolutely true feedback and we so miss this life. I had just been to a place where there was simple village life so thought of penning this poem. Have a nice day.


      1. yes, it feels good.. but unfortunately i m attracted towards city life and the rush…here, i am happy but there is no scope or opportunity to grow like big cities hv…..i hail frm northeast…digboi, (a small town)


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  2. I want to visit one, as I have to see the flying crops just like it shows in the movies, haha. And that warm gesture in the coldly winds. Apart this; feeling of harmony and sense of togetherness. Indeed! Its a lovely line. Thanks for creating that warm feeling here. May be I visit one someday. Well! Thank you for sharing this lovely poem. Beautiful it is! 🌹


  3. Kamal you have described a typical Maharashtrian village so beautifully and originality is vivid in this poem. I love the original and natural environment of a village.
    I have spend most of my childhood vacations in my native place and know every nook and corner of it.
    But today when I go back, I go for a very short duration and early morning when I am awake I feel like I am leaving life with a pause and lot of full stops in it.
    The pace and worry of a city life is lost and you have huge amount of time to do whatever you want, there is no hurry at all.
    Everyone around you is cool and calm, no one is yelling and cursing. Patience, silence and bliss dwells in that air.
    Wow thanks once again for taking me there.
    Nice post.

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    1. Hey Vishal, I am feeling so happy by your beautiful words and you have described life in a village more beautifully than me too. Yes I visited Ahmednagar which is in Maharashtra and life over there is so wonderful and the tranquility and people so calm and relaxed, no shouting and no humdrum like the city life at all. Feeling so happy, Vishal. Have a nice day.

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  4. I loved reading it! It just freshened up my mind reminding me of the village atmosphere jab m apni amma ke yaahan jaata hu. It feels beautiful!
    You described everything so beautifully that I could imagine the whole scene in front of my eyes..
    coming to my critic,
    Read about rhyming scheme, I don’t know if it’s me only but I really like to read poems that rhyme even if just little. Your description was beautiful but if your main purpose it to write a poem, add rhyming words sticking to the rhyming scheme and trust me, it will enchance this piece to a great extent!
    Did i say more? Sorry if I offended you…

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    1. No, no absolutely not at all k so from your poem you select some rhyming stanza and tell me for example and let me see, and will surely take up what you said. You have not said anything wrong at all dear, don’t feel offended and yes so good that you too used to go to your granny’s village, Harsh. K send let me see.

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      1. K so I will go to your blog and see and if I cant find will let you know. Harsh dear will sign off, have to run from the office, go for a quick walk and then go to teach my little children. So busy seeing blog again in the night time but do mention one stanza you like in a rhyme form and pl. do not worry at all. Feel free to tell that is what critics are for.

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  5. Simple, peaceful, neat n clean yet beautiful life!! I wish could go there away from noise of city life, away from arrogance, artificial and greedy people…Thank you so much for taking us all to an amazing simple life! πŸ™‚ πŸ’–

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      1. Yes but little further than Shirdi, it is more closer to Pune, I would go there as a child and have travelled in bullock carts what an amazing feel, and eaten bhakris and chutneys made on coal stoves and not on gas. Amazing life. Where do you stay, Meenakshi.

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      2. I’m born and brought up in Delhi but ever year during summer holidays when my classmates used to tell me they are going to their home town I used to feel so bad that I don’t have any home town other than Delhi…
        I can imagine the fun of travelling in bullock carts and eating food cooked on coal stove or Angethi. I just crave for that tasty food!
        Where are you from?

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      3. Same here Meenakshi, it mad my day also so happy , feels so nice when bloggers love our work and there is a flow of conversation. Now off to sleep, to get up and go to work, so good night and sleep well.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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  6. feeling of harmony, sense of togetherness.. that’s the beauty of village life …people know each other.. it’s not like interfering in others family… but they find themselves under a single family.. your words paid full justice to such a village life..wondering what inspired you to write it..

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    1. Thanks first of all for your words that so touched me and I found it so encouraging and yes i used to visit a village in Ahmednagar which is two hour drive from Pune and this feeling of being in a space which is so beautiful from this humdrum life came to me and thought of writing this poem. Thanks once again.

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