A Quote for Today……

Swami Vivekananda was an Indian monk, teacher and philosopher and he has written a beautiful quote on The Meaning of Association:

“The rain drop from the sky, if it is caught in our hands, it is pure enough for drinking. If it falls in a gutter, it’s value drops so much that it cannot be used even for washing the feet. It it falls on a hot surface, it perishes instantly. If it falls on a lotus leaf, it shines like a pearl and finally, if it falls on an oyster, it becomes a precious pearl.”

He further saysΒ that the drop is the same, but it’s existence and worth depends on with whom it associates. Always be associated with people who are good and have lovely hearts……………


63 thoughts on “A Quote for Today……

  1. Yes, the connection is always made, but will it be stripped so that the bottom line is received…….
    Will we allow it to reveal its content. Association is not only physical; a product of ordinates of God; easily implemented, but often subjective, to be worked out by the human soul using the Spiritual inspiration of God.
    Thanks for a lovely post Kamal.

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