A Game of Chess……..

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Life is like playing a Game of Chess

You and I have no say

He is the greatest Game Changer

Who knows us completely?

A conjurer of Expertise and Wisdom

Sitting as a King with his gorgeous Queen

Nestled by his side at all times

His superfluous Pawns are We

Depending on his Moods and Humor

After every smartest, mysterious Move

He makes the next challenging Move

No choices nor favors freely given

Everything is ephemeral, nothing is lasting

Unpretentiously the Game carries on

He is the Check and He is the Mate…………..


38 thoughts on “A Game of Chess……..

      1. Hahahaha… he does make you win if it’s the right move for you….
        but I always love ❤️ this saying…
        NO.. is an answer from God..

        And.. ” thank God 🙏🏻 for unanswered prayers… “..

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      2. Yes so true and k if you loved the word NO maybe but I feel there is always a YES from God but we have to put in that effort, and really thank him for each and everything. He is the giver and sustainer and for unanswered prayers…. He is our father and all in a nutshell. Thanks once again.

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      1. Yes but we can always try O’Shine and as He says put in your effort I am there with you all the time. He says that I am more than your breath but you do not know and I am your only true friend who will never let you down. So what say friend we take his hand and try and make this world a better place.

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  1. I always like the term, “you don’t always get what you want, but what you need”.

    That is truly what God does for us. He may not always give us what we want. Instead he gives us what we need and that could be a good lesson. We may not understand it right away. That understanding may come years from that point. I’ve had this happen many times over my life time. And then I see and understand why God gave me a challenge instead of what I wanted.

    It’s a learning tool He uses on us. I kind of like it because in the end I learn more and get more from the lesson.

    Sometimes. I have learned that He will send me a bad experience to give me strength and the tools of survival to get through an even worse experience. It makes one stronger.

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    1. Absolutely true and so beautifully you have written I really appreciate your comments. His needs are more important and we have to leave it all to him. He is our sole guide, our father who will never let us down. He is the one soul who is playing his divine game in this creation. He has not come to give us suffering but in suffering only we will realise him and hold on more to him.

      Thanks so much for your beautiful comments I really appreciated them, please do keep on giving feedbacks we get to learn so much from everyone and what they too feel. Take care.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


      1. Prachi I got you clearly everything is God. Call it water, air, idols who is not god. He is the creator. K for example take the Ocean and he is the Paramatma and who are we the Atma and where is the Atma, isn’t it in the Paramatma. So are we not in the Ocean, but we feel we are drops in the Ocean and are separate from God. I hope you will understand that he is in everything.

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    1. Hi first of all I don’t play chess but I thought of writing a poem on the game of chess where He is the supreme King and we are his Pawns and no I have not copied from anywhere, I write from my own words. Just like to think and write a little different from the old poems. Thanks for your comments. Have a nice day.


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