Soul takes wings……..

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My soul is ready to take wings

From the illusionary cage of bondage

Grappled was I in its tentacles

Masks of numerous desires

Befriended me like a cloak of Iron

Tossed and hurled in its labyrinth

Winds of sadness and melancholy

Had carried me beyond recognition

Thrown asunder like a corroded piece of rust

Laid I shattered and utterly bewildered

Screaming with mindless woe

Let me out someone, I am choking

Gasping for some breath of freshness

Alas! There was no one to hear me

One day I stopped in my tracks

I listened in the stillness of its silence

Heard the most beautiful sound

…………… My Soul.

My Soul was free, triumphant

Ready to take its flight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


76 thoughts on “Soul takes wings……..

    1. Yes Cattie our soul is always in bondage the body is like a cage the day we realize that there is no one but me than the soul is set free and merges with himself. Of course it is free after it leaves the body but again it takes a new body as our mind does not die only the body.

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      1. No not that way Akhila since our mind does not die and because of our karma that Cattie would not have understood, it goads us to take another birth and that is why our soul which is ever nameless, changeless has to by force be in bondage like a bird in a cage who knows its freedom but feels I am tied. Open the cage and then it will fly to freedom. This is the way our Soul is all the time free but caught up in maya and its own shadow.

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      2. All souls are one first of all Akhila and we do not do a different karma, we take on different bodies depending on our good and bad sanskaras. The body dies but the mind does not so whatever we have done in this birth we come down with the same mind in a different body. It is like a car once it become old we want to take on a new car isnt it so with our bodies. Today a woman, another life a man till we understand that all this mayavic an illusion and there is nothing but only one Oversoul and there is only Oneness in Unity.

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      3. We are all one. It is only because of our sanskaras that we keep on coming in births after births otherwise all this is a complete Zero, we are never born and we have never died. The day we realize that we are the Ocean and not drops in the ocean will be the day when there is no coming and going only bliss.

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      4. Cause the soul is free whether happy or sad it just wants to be free of entanglements. Have u ever seen a bird kept in a cage it feels that the cage is its life and does not know what is freedom. Once you open the cage and see how it flies our soul too wants to fly to its original place of bliss.

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    1. Yes even I have attended few Bhagwad Gita lectures and Vedanta too, but get a lot of inspiration from avatar Meher Baba website if you could search in google. He is my inspiration and of course other motivational speakers too so then I get lot of insight and then try to make my own poems. Thanks so much for your beautiful comments really appreciated it. Keep in touch.

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