Embrace, be connected to your Roots……..

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I came upon this incredible story of the Redwood and the Sequoia Forests and how they always embrace, stay connected and support each other in good as well as bad times: 

“Nature is so beautiful and abundantly connected, we can learn so much by being supportive and nurturing but we as human beings have forgotten our roots in this age of so much conflict. What we are contributing to society is literally affecting every person’s life on earth. It’s one of the most difficult things in this world today to cooperate with each other. What is the core reason? Why is there conflict between family members, between people of the same company, of the same nation, same religion, newspapers every day bombarding us only about conflicts, conflicts between me and you, us and them.

The core root of conflict is within our own lives, a disharmony between the body and the mind with itself and our true selves, our hearts, our souls, so much of what we do is disconnected from our hearts, what to speak of our souls because we are so allured by external misconceptions, we forget the larger picture, the higher principles and what really life is all about. We are so very much affected by our environment. It is very important in our lives that we keep focused on a higher principle and when we are actually connected to our soul, we understand this relation with our Supreme self and see more in terms of We and Us. The more we empower each other the more we are empowered. That’s a higher vision. 

There is an Underground Secret of the Redwood Forests. These trees are the biggest and tallest trees on earth, the Sequoia and the Redwoods. Usually for a tree to grow and sustain itself, say for thousands of years, they all have to have really deep roots and there are really no trees in the world that have such deep enough roots to support what a Redwood Tree is. The Redwood Trees do not have deep roots and they are found on a hilly terrain which makes them most vulnerable to its loose soil and in this area there have been devastating earthquakes over a thousand years where they have been standing tall, massive blizzards, windstorms but how did they keep growing? That is the secret behind them. The roots of the Redwood Trees underground they grow outward. Why? They are specifically growing and searching for roots of the other trees and as soon as the two roots meet they embrace, they wrap around each other forming a permanent connection. They support each other, practically every root is connected to the root of another tree all around them and it is in this way every tree in the entire forest is directly or indirectly connected supporting every other trees. The unity is their strength and even little tiny redwoods that are just coming out of the ground are very, very vulnerable but the roots of the giant ancient trees comes and let them wrap around them and gives them their full support.

So in this world we are subjected to many storms sometimes nice sunny days also and good days too and there are devastations like earthquakes in our lives individually and collectively on many levels. There is that famous saying “United We Stand, Divided We fall”. This is a beautiful lesson of nature. Any of our strengths can be compared to the unified strength. Our own human body is a unified form. Each and every part of our body has a special function to perform. Every part of our body honors, respects and appreciates every other part. We are all part of a whole irrespective of color, shape, and ugly, fat, tall or short our body is. Every part of our body is serving the whole. In serving the whole they are serving every other part. Service is the higher principle and being connected and harmoniously living together is the Soul’s very nature.

True love is not selfish, it is not arrogant, it is based on care and when you water the root of the tree actually that water extends to every part of the tree, the leaves, the flowers and the twigs so when we harmonize our actions and our words, our bodies and our minds, we harmonize the soul with the Supreme Soul. And when we harmonize ourselves with the Supreme Soul then like watering the root of the tree we harmonize with everything and everyone. Love everyone as yourself. With our roots firmly connected to ourselves and to each other, we learn that there is no other joy in this world but to live with integrity, kindness and compassion as a United Whole.

When likeminded people who are striving for that unity embrace their roots with each other through our affections then wonderful things like love, joy and happiness just flows from everywhere and the world becomes a better place to live. If we apply the same principle as the Redwood Trees in our lives, we will see equality in all and life as sacred which is the very essence of embracing our roots. There is only ONENESS IN UNITY.



16 thoughts on “Embrace, be connected to your Roots……..

  1. This is an amazing post. I have always believed in the “deep roots” philosophy. The intricacies of the survival schemes of the redwoods sheds new light in the need for reaching out and embracing one another. It’s a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.


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