Drunk in your Madness………

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My ravaged empty soul

Has travelled from ages

Far beyond the turbulent seas

Searching for you endlessly

I have completely lost my sobriety

My heart is burning with love

My soul is aflame with your pulsing passion

Intoxicated with the cup of wine

I have become a drunkard

In the existence of your love

I have become non-existence

I have lost my senses 

In this world of drunken madness

I am covered with thorns

Whirling to the rhythmic beauty

I have become a stranger to myself

I am so drunk I have lost the way home

In my hallucination I see your blissful face

Lovely perfume flowers fills the vibrant air

For I am drunk in the ecstasy of your love

I can no longer tell the difference

Between drunkard and drunk

Between lover and Beloved………………








19 thoughts on “Drunk in your Madness………

  1. Your poem brought a smile to my eyes, and a glimmer to my lips.
    It ended on a particularly strong note…
    Between drunkard and drunk
    Between lover and Beloved

    And it summed up the rhythm and the subject of your writing perfectly.

    Liked by 1 person

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