Freaky Sunday……..

Freaky Sunday’s are awesome guys. It’s a one big holiday. The day is looking more glorious then ever with the sun smiling brightly. No mad rush of getting up in the mornings and going thru the same  horrible office grind. Wake up anytime you wish. Have a hot cup of tea with yummy cheese omelette and breads a plenty. Eat as much as you like, there is no one to nag you don’t do this or don’t be so greedy. Then go for a long soothing bath. Wear whatever casuals u feel like and Call up your buddies and plan a long cool drive wherever it takes you, Happily yelling and screaming with few curses, jokes,  jibes and having a ball of a time.

Driving thru hills and valleys feel the urge of stopping and getting out of the car and sharing the view with a nice big glass of whisky on the rocks with Sheekh kababs and tandoori rotis all nicely tucked in to our hearts content.  Freakishly dancing to natures beat we see the sun settling down.  The moon arises and lits up the sky with its alluring beauty bringing the night in its wake. Alas the day has come to pass but not to worry in just six days another Sunday is about to happen and some other freaky ideas will I be imagining to enjoy and live my life in utter merriment and gaiety.

Life is one big happy holiday and blessings coming all the way. Enjoy your Sunday’s…………….



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