Joey my friend……..

I felt a warm tiny hand lightly tapping me on my back as I was sitting on a bench in the park quietly observing young children playing with their cuddly toys, elderly people having a light conversation and few teenagers who were frolicking and teasing each other.
I thought to myself who could it be.  Maybe a friend who must be wanting to have a little heart to heart.  As I turned to see who it was, I got quite a shock of my life.   It was a tiny grey-pink colored squirrel with the most beautiful eyes and it was trying to tell me something.   I quietly turned around not to disturb him and asked: “Hey young friend, what do you want, are you hungry”.  He looked up at me not one bit shy but I could sense he was hungry.  Next to me there were few berries scattered on the ground and I picked them up and gave it to this cute-furry  friend of mine.  Oh! he loved it and started munching on them and looked so satisfied.  I could feel in my heart that he said a little thank you to me which made me feel jubilant.  I thought of keeping a name for him and called him Joey.
 It did not end here though.  I would come daily at my usual time at the park to sit with myself in silence and be one with nature. To my utter surprise I would see little Joey come sit besides me and slowly eat few nuts and berries from my hand.  It was a pleasure to see him eating and we became the best of friends.  Joey was a great acrobat too and would do few stunts to show off and run all around the park with few of his friends. I would be watching all this with great merriment.  Later little Joey would eagerly come and cozily snuggle up to me and would simply love me gently stroking him on his back.  He was a thorough joy to have around and it gave a different meaning to my life altogether.  Joey was a blessing in disguise for me…………..
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22 thoughts on “Joey my friend……..

  1. how sweet. I love these small friends. they are so beautiful. and the kind of posture they make while eating something looks just cute.
    I had a cat near my house which used to come exactly at the same time I was home after my job and wrap his body around my legs asking some milk. he was very friendly with me. he would meow whenever I was opening the gates in the morning going out on the job asking like please don’t go friend, I have to play with you. Honestly love doesn’t need any language to express itself.

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