Wondrous Weaver……

God is the weaver of the wonders indeed 

Gently weaving in soft fabrics of his love 

Different colored threads woven in patterns divine

We are his garments, He loves to play with. 

Stitching love, joy and beauty in minutest detail 

Translucent threads so simply woven

In his delicate soft humble hands 

Ignites the fire of love in our wondrous hearts 

Love gives meaning to every tantalizing design.

Cheerfully He works with a twinkle in his eyes 

He knows which thread is to be woven  

In the tapestry of his magnificent creation 

Entwined in his life of love are we alive  

Wondrous Weaver that He was, is and will always be!!!!!!!!!! 

 A quote that tells all in its simplicity:

“Art is a method of practicing devotion to the True Teacher, who is the Supreme Artist; the whole universe being His Creation and man His most beautiful finished work. To this Artist every true artist has ever bowed, knowing that without His help he is helpless and hopeless, without His inspiration he is void of any form of creativeness.”                                                                                                Meher Baba.

Graphics, Wallpaper, The Background, Decoration, Hint


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