Wanderer from nowhere!!!!!!

He had no name, no story to tell, no house that he belonged to. The universe was his home with all its immense beauty and he was in complete sync with its glory.  Roamed the wide earth with just a small backpack, few knick-knacks, shoes that were tattered beyond repair and dirty clothes that smelled like a pig. Passing by from one village to another merrily singing and dancing along in his lilting voice. He was a wanderer who had come from nowhere and was going nowhere.

For him nothing mattered.  People and children would be wonder-struck to see such a soul in their village. He ate what they offered him and slept in the wide open with an occasional dog sleeping next to him for comfort. The birds would come and sit besides him and take few morsels from his open hands.  No inch of fear was found on him, he was a happy go lucky soul always laughing and smiling at anyone who approached him.  Was like a child with small tots who jumped and frolicked around him and respectful to a tee with the elders. Lived his life ever joyfully to the fullest…

A beautiful quote that is so real:

“To Wander is to be Alive…………” By Roman Payne.Image result for images of a wanderer


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