Daily Prompt: Mistake

Mistakes the word itself is a Mistake. Who doesn’t make mistakes in life. They are stepping stones to success aren’t they? Our very life is a one big mistake in this illusionary life of dreams. Being born is a mistake as we are never born and we never die. Mistakes are our great buddies as it teaches us to get back to our reality when we have sunk so deep that it is impossible to rise and get back to our sanity.

love is the greatest antidote to mistakes and shows us the way to move forward in whatever we want to do like losing ourselves in work of art or getting in touch with friends and family and the most important person is ourselves to sit quietly and reflect on our mistakes. Don’t forget we are humans at the end of the day and it is err to make mistakes.

So next time friends when we make mistakes don’t worry be happy and they will come and disappear. Be the joy that we all are one in this beautiful gamut of creation and all are players come to do their bit and move on.

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